Game Rules

The FNQ app and website are not in anyway associated with Apple Inc. Apple is not involved in any way with the FNQ games or sweepstakes or prizes.

These are the Game Rules for “FNQ” – the live fun news quiz for kids! FNQ is a series of shows streamed live at set times. Each FNQ show (a “ Show”) consists of a 12 question news trivia game (a “ Game”). You can play as many Games as you want, or just watch Shows. There are points to win for each Game, but you can also accumulate leaderboard points. The FNQ weekly leaderboard (the “ Leaderboard”) gives you the opportunity to compete with your friends so the more Games you play, the better your chances at climbing the Leaderboard. We may also award prizes or other benefits to winners of bonus questions during some games.

The Shows are streamed live via the FNQ mobile application (the “ App”) which is made available by First Group Enterprises Ltd, a company registered in England with Company No 05705759 whose registered address 158 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 0AS (“ us”, “ we” or “our”). You must download the App and register an account (an “ Account”) to watch and play the Games.

These Game Rules are subject to and should be read in conjunction with the App Terms of Use (the “ Terms of Use”).

By entering any Game, you agree to these Game Rules in addition to the Terms of Use.


Each Game is open to all residents of the United Kingdom, the Channel Isles, the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland. If you are under 16 you must enter a parent’s email address to verify and approve your Account and profile picture. You may only enter each Game once (but you may enter as many Games as you wish). You may not enter a Game on multiple Devices or otherwise attempt to participate in a Game more than once, for example by registering multiple Accounts.


Shows will be streamed at the dates and times which are announced via the App. Unless you disable them, push notifications will be sent to the device(s) on which you have downloaded the App (your “ Device(s)”) to alert you of when a Show is going to begin.


To enter a Game, you must be watching the relevant Show and answer the first question via your Device. Each Game will consist of a series of multiple-choice questions which you must answer using your Device within the given time.

The standard Game rules are that, if you fail to answer a question at all, or in the given time, or if you give a wrong answer, you will be eliminated from the Game and will not be eligible for the points prize for that Game. However, if you have an “Extra Life” available and redeem this before the next question, you will not be eliminated on that question.

“Extra Lives” are awarded in return for encouraging new players to register for the App and play Games. Give friends and family your referral code (which is your username) and you’ll get an Extra Life for each new player who enters your referral code when they register, and they will get one too! You can also get an Extra Life in any particular Game where 5 of your friends are also playing – in this instance you will all receive an Extra Life to use during that particular Game. The creation of “fake” or “dummy” accounts for the purpose of generating free Lives by referrals is forbidden. We reserve the right to remove Lives from accounts which we suspect have been gained this way, and may suspend accounts who repeatedly abuse this mechanism by referring fake users.

Another way of getting an Extra Life is by playing 5 Games in a row. We may decide to award Extra Lives in other situations too. These will be explained in the App or a particular Show. Extra Lives can only be redeemed on the first 11 questions in any Game and not on the final question. You can only use one Extra Life per Game. Each Extra Life can only be used once. There is no expiry date on an Extra Life.

We may apply special rules to specific Games, such as having a bonus question at the end which allows anyone who started playing the Game to answer and be in with a chance of winning a prize (even if they were eliminated from the actual Game) Special bonus questions and prizes of this nature will be communicated via the App in advance of the relevant Show(s) and/or via the presenter during the Show.


Once eliminated from a Game you may continue watching the Game. You will not be eligible to share the points prize for that Game. If there is a bonus question at the end of a particular Game you will be eligible to partake even if you have been eliminated and therefore have a chance of winning the bonus question prize.


Leaderboard points are awarded for questions answered correctly and badges are also ‘unlocked’ when you answer questions correctly in certain topics. On occasions you may gain extra points for unlocking certain badges – we will alert you through the App if this is going to be the case.

We reserve the right to change the quantity of leaderboard points awarded for each question at any time or to remove leaderboard points and badges completely.


Unless special rules apply, to win a Game you must get to the end of all 12 questions without being eliminated. There may be one winner or multiple winners of each Game. The winners will share the points prize for that Game equally. If no one gets to the final question the winners will be picked from the last question that was answered correctly.


The points prize for each Game will be announced in advance of each Game and will be shown in the schedule of upcoming Shows available in the App. Points will normally be exchanged for Amazon vouchers but we reserve the right to offer other prizes.


The FNQ app and website are not in anyway associated with Apple Inc. Apple is not involved in any way with the FNQ games or sweepstakes or prizes.

All prizes are non-transferable. Non-cash prizes are non-refundable, and no cash alternative will be available.

If we consider it appropriate, the prizes offered might be varied or swapped by us for a suitable alternative in our discretion.

We will require a UK shipping address to send any prizes that may be won. We cannot ship prizes to an address outside the UK.


Users are able to ‘friend’ another user. User profiles are searchable by a user’s name with the ability to then add them as a ‘friend’ This will then allow them to follow their progress on the Leaderboard as well as play with them in a ‘5 friend game’ in order to all get a Extra Life during that particular Game. A user will also be able to see friends answers when they are playing a particular Game – this might help decide which answer to go for. We reserve the right to remove the ‘see friends answers’ feature at any time.


FNQ (including the Shows and Games) is reliant on technology. If your technology fails meaning you cannot watch, play or participate in a Game or any part of a Game, or if your answers are not submitted in time, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in the Game and/or you will be eliminated from that Game.

If the technology which we rely on fails we may, in our absolute discretion and without warning, pause or re-start a Game, repeat questions, adapt the Game, adjust the rules for the Game (and if relevant, the rules of related Games or the Leaderboard), or if necessary, cancel a Game altogether.


If you have won a Game a notification will appear in the App after the last question. It will also tell you how many winners there were and the amount of your share in the points prize that you have won. Your winnings will then show in your prize points balance (your “Balance”) in the App. By using the App, you will be able to access your Account at any time and see your points balance.

You need to have at least 5000 points to redeem against a voucher and for 5000 points you can redeem for a £5 Amazon voucher. Once you have reached this amount, you can tap redeem points in your profile page. The voucher code will automatically be emailed to the email address you registered with (your parents email address if you are under 16). To be able to use the Amazon voucher you will need to have an Amazon account set up. All Amazon gift vouchers will be in pound sterling. Amazon vouchers are subject to Gift Card and Gift Vouchers Terms & Conditions which can be found at

If you cancel your Account, you will be deemed to have forfeited any points in your Balance and will have no claim against us for it.  Points have no monetary value and can only be redeemed for Amazon vouchers (or other prizes at our discretion) in accordance with these Game rules and Terms of Use.


Bonus questions might not be in every Game. You can try and win a bonus question prize even if you do not get through all 12 questions in the normal game. Everyone who gets the correct answer will be in the draw to be chosen at random to win the prize/s. If you are a winner, we will email the email address you registered with within 48 hours to get your postal address and give you details of when you can expect your prize.

Please note however that we will require a UK shipping address to send any prizes that may be won. We cannot ship prizes to an address outside the UK.


The registered user of an Account is responsible for ensuring that only they use the App linked to their Account, that only they enter a Game through their Account, and that only they claim any prize they win.

If a Game is entered and/or played by someone other than the registered user of the Account that person may make no claim against us for any prizes, Leaderboard points or on any other basis. We will not engage in any dispute between a registered user and anyone who entered a Game using their Account.


We will make usernames of all winners of each Game available via the App. The username of all winners will also be made available to anyone who requests them – just email [email protected] up to 4 weeks from the date of the relevant Game.


We reserve the right to withdraw or amend any Game (including part way through a Game).

We reserve the right to withdraw or amend these Game Rules if we consider it necessary or appropriate to do so, or for unforeseen reasons beyond our reasonable control.

If we consider that you are ineligible, in breach of these Game Rules or the Terms of Use, or have cheated in any way, without limiting the options available to us, we may (at our absolute discretion) exclude you from any or all Games, terminate the licence granted by the Terms of Use, cancel your Account, withdraw or cancel your Balance, cancel Leaderboard points, cancel Free Lives and/or block your use of the App.

In the event of any dispute our decisions are final. The ‘promoter’ of each Game is First Group Enterprises Ltd.

First Group Enterprises Ltd employees (and employees of its agencies or any associated companies) who have been involved in the production, development or creation of the App or any Game, or who by virtue of their position may have access to any confidential information about the App or Games, and anyone else professionally involved with the Games or App, and all such people’s immediate family members or households members (whether related or not), are excluded from entering Games and from winning any prizes.


Your profile username will be visible by other players on leaderboards, therefore we put restrictions on what usernames you may choose. We reserve the right to change your username without notifying you based on, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  • It contains profanity
  • It is disrespectful
  • It contains personal information
  • It is a brand name
  • It references, or we deem it to reference, the FNQ app or any of the other First Group Enterprises brands
  • It references, or we deem it to reference a public figure.

We reserve the right to suspend accounts whose usernames persistently violate these terms.


When you upload a profile image to the application, we hold it for approval before it is published. We do this to help prevent inappropriate imagery being displayed in the application. We may reject profile images based on but not limited to, the following reasons:

  • We do not allow nudity of any sort in profile images
  • We do not allow any brands or logos in profile images
  • We do not allow swearing through hand gestures or words / graphics in profile images
  • We do not allow anything gory or gruesome in profile images
  • We do bot allow any reference to the FNQ app, or any of the other First Group Enterprises brands.
  • We do not allow any celebrity photos in profile images
  • We do not allow any personally identifiable information in profile images
  • We do not allow any brand characters in profile images
  • We do not allow anything obscene in profile images
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