FNQ is a fun, live weekly news quiz. All the questions are based on the most recent edition of First News (the UK’s only weekly newspaper for young people). Each Game consists of 12 multiple choice questions. You have a chance of winning points per Game which can be exchanged for Amazon vouchers. And in some Games there will even be bonus prizes to be won. So you have everything to play for!

It’s absolutely free to play, so you have nothing to lose, so give it a go! Available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

  • First join the live Game (we’ll send a push notification). Don’t be late or you’ll only be watching!
  • Answer the questions – you have to be fast! Tap the answer you think is correct – you only have 10 seconds.
  • One wrong answer and you’re out – if you tap an incorrect answer or you run out of time, you’ll be eliminated from continuing with the Game – BUT stay watching as some Games have a bonus question with prizes to be won, which anyone can enter even if you are eliminated throughout the normal questions.
  • Get all the questions right and you win! – If more than one person makes it to the end, then you all split the prize points. If no one gets all the questions right, the points will be split equally amongst those people who got answered the most questions correctly.
  • Redeem your points for Amazon vouchers! Once you have won at least 5000 points (equating to £5 Amazon voucher) you can redeem easily online.

You can search for friends via their username. This then gives you the ability to ‘add them’ as a ‘friend’. Once they have accepted you as a friend you will be able to follow their progress on the Leaderboard and also see their answers when playing a Game. This might help you choose which answer to go for!

You can earn points for answering questions correctly – even if you don’t go on to get all questions in one Game right. You can also earn badges for answering questions correctly in certain topics. On occasions you may gain extra points for unlocking certain badges – we will alert you through the App if this is going to be the case.

FNQ is currently scheduled to take place on a Sunday afternoon at 5pm, so be sure to read your issue of First News (published every Friday) from cover to cover before the Game for a better chance of winning!

We need your email address (or parent’s email if you are under 16) to reach you if you win.

All prizes are provided by us, First Group Enterprises Ltd and on occasion from one of our sponsors, which we will tell you about at the beginning of a special Game.

The  17+  rating for the FNQ app is purely because of Apple’s regulations that any app which gives away prizes/money must fall into this category. But we want to reassure you that the App has been specifically built for children so is completely safe for them to use. There is no cost to play and no in-app purchases. We also have parental approvals built in for anyone under 16 who wants to play. And any correspondence with regards winning prizes/amazon vouchers etc will be via the parents email address.

Yes! You can play FNQ outside the UK. Please note however that we will require a UK shipping address to send any prizes that may be won. We cannot ship prizes to an address outside the UK.


That’ll be your username. Tell your friends and family to use it when they sign up and you’ll both get an Extra Life when they play their first Game. You can refer as many friends as you like – the more the merrier – but they can only use your code once

Don’t worry, try confirming the spelling with your friend. You’ll receive an Extra Life as soon as they play their first game.


If you get a wrong answer, you can choose to use your Extra Life so you are not eliminated and you’ll still have a chance of winning the prize. But be quick, you need to redeem your life before the next question starts.

You’ll get an Extra Life any time a new FNQ user signs up using your referral code and plays their first Game. You can also get an Extra Life when you play 5 Games in a row. There is also a chance of getting an Extra Life during a “5 friend Game” – this is when 5 of your friends all play in the same Game – you will all receive an Extra Life to be used during that Game only. Only one Extra Life can be applied per Game and an Extra Life cannot be used for the final question. Each Extra Life can only be used once. There is no expiry date on an Extra Life. You can see how many Extra Lives you have on your profile screen


Click on the ‘redeem my points’ button on your profile page when you have at least 5000 points (equating to a £5 Amazon voucher). You will receive an email with an Amazon voucher code enclosed which you can then add to your Amazon account.

You should receive your Amazon voucher code via email almost immediately when you hit redeem but this may take up to 24 hours.


We’d love to talk! Contact us [email protected] for more info.

Please review our Terms of use section, and send any further enquiries to [email protected]


Valid usernames consist of alphanumeric characters. Usernames can only be between 5 and 15 characters with no banned words. If this hasn’t fixed the bugs, then contact us at [email protected] with your username and we will look into it!


Well done for winning !! Once you click redeem you should receive an email with an Amazon gift voucher. If you do not receive this within 24 hours, email [email protected]  include your username and email address and we will look into it.


You should receive push notifications to tell you when a Show is about to start. To ensure your notification settings are turned on: Click on “Settings” in your device’s applications list. Select “Notifications” and find FNQ in your list of apps. Make sure all of your settings in this screen are turned ON.

Still not receiving pushes? You can reset your notification settings by disabling and then re-enabling your notifications.

You can uninstall and then re-install the App. Once installed, you will be prompted if you would like to receive notifications. Click “Allow”


Sometimes there is a delay in your profile image becoming public, whilst we carry out checks on images and therefore you may need to wait until we verify it for use

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